The File Slide
PageSet's 'The File Slide' is a web portal solution that allows clients to interact with the PageSet service in an exciting, user friendly environment. By simply obtaining an online account, you will gain access to the PageSet online experience comprising three interactive tools, Storefront, Prepress Portal and Creative.
'The File Slide' is designed to provide fast and accurate information and service direct to the customer.

STOREFRONT: Allows print orders to be submitted online, processed, and output on PageSet's digital presses including large format printers. It also allows for the ordering of static catalogue and inventory Items.

PREPRESS PORTAL: Provides web access into your prepress workflow. From any web-connected computer, customers can submit jobs, track progress, collaborate on changes, and proof and approve work. When used with the PageSet Prinergy Workflow, job submission via the prepress portal system can trigger automated preflight and prepress file processing. It reduces job cycle and allows you to work with customers over a much broader geographical area.

CREATIVE: Provides a collaborative workspace where users can manage and share elements such as individual images, pieces of artwork, and other files that make up a publication. In the Creative Workflow, elements are organised into projects, from which allocated tasks are set and managed for review and approval.